Veterans Strategy

The Veterans Strategy, which you can read here, sets out the Government’s commitment to veterans and their families over the next ten years. It has one overall aim; to help those who have served in the UK Armed Forces, and their families, transition smoothly into civilian life.

This Consultation Response pulls together all the most recent ideas and suggestions – including ours – on how the Strategy could work.

On the whole, we’re pleased with how the Strategy is shaping up. The Government is keen to work more closely with us and other charities to improve the quality of support veterans receive. In particular, we’re encouraged by its focus on veterans having the right support to:

  • Be financially self-supporting

  • Find new and meaningful employment opportunities

  • Have access to veteran-friendly GP practices.

However, we feel there are still key areas the Strategy needs to address. The Consultation Response, for example, gives little indication of what success looks like and the objectives of the Action Plan remain vague. There is also a lack of focus on the Wounded, Injured and Sick, and no mention of the medical discharge process, where we know there are currently significant gaps in support. Solutions to the challenges veterans face in dealing with the overly complex medical and financial processes also need to be found.

You can read our thoughts in full on the Consultation Response here.

We continue to work alongside the Government to achieve a fair deal for all veterans and their families.