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Improving lives: The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper

Improving Lives: The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper


In 2016, the Department for Work and Pensions held a consultation on how to improve employment rates among disabled people and those with long-term physical injuries.

In our response, we asked that the Department for Work and Pensions provide a block exemption from any form of benefit sanction or withdrawal for those veterans actively engaged in any form of rehabilitation or recovery activity delivered by any COBSEO member. 

While we recognised that it was not the intention of Government to disadvantage any recovering veteran or their family, we had worked with beneficiaries who had found themselves in this position. In a number of cases, veterans had benefits withdrawn while engaged in recovery activity.  We requested in addition to the aforementioned exemption that practical measures were put in place so that DWP staff on the ground are all aware of the Armed Forces Covenant and consider the genuine needs of wounded, injured or sick veterans in this context.