Determined to make a difference to wounded heroes, Amy Haken joined our Sports Recovery Team in 2016 as a Sports Officer.

Here, she helps plan and deliver our National Sports Recovery Programme which includes a range of opportunities - from recreational through to performance-related activities.

But when lockdown forced our recovery centres to close, Amy and her team were unable to run their normal activities, and Amy was furloughed. Reflecting on this, she explains, “I missed being able to support our veterans during this time. I also missed working with such a dedicated team.”

However, now Amy is back and excited to be working on a new series of Sports Recovery programmes, all of which can be easily accessed at home by our veterans.

This is especially important now a second lockdown is in place. At the start of the pandemic, the number of veterans and service personnel struggling with their mental and physical health rose by 33 per cent and many more may still be suffering in silence.

“The pandemic has brought massive change and uncertainty to all our lives,” says Amy. “And those we support also have the additional challenge of continuing to deal with their physical or mental illnesses and injuries. Because sport benefits both physical and mental health, it’s crucial our services remain accessible,” she explains.

With these factors in mind, Amy and her team have produced digital content in the form of webinars and home workout programmes.

“Each has been tailored especially for our wounded. There are three different 12-week home workout programmes on offer, each run by an expert in their field,” explains Amy. “These include yoga, flexibility and mobility and body weight circuits. We are also offering weekly group cycle rides on Zwift.”

Because the programmes are progressive, all levels of fitness and experience can take part.

“Participants will receive a structured programme each week via our weekly National Sports Recovery newsletter,” Amy says. “Each instalment will support exercise from home and offer a sense of community - as many other people will also be engaging in the sessions.”

And as we head into winter, and lockdown two continues she is keen to stress how using these new Sports Recovery programmes are a great tool for self-care for our wounded.

“Recovery through sport is as important as ever during this pandemic. It can have such a big impact on both physical and mental health for our veterans.”

Together, we can keep our promise to be here for wounded veterans and their families.

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