Wow! What a day in Sochi! This morning the majority of the group went down to the Coastal Village to watch, first up, Wheelchair Curling and then Sledge Hockey, which we’d pre-booked tickets for.  For many, Wheelchair Curling isn’t something they’ve ever watched before so it was also a good opportunity to learn about a new sport. 

And what an introductory game to watch!  Great Britain were up against Sweden, who are currently ranked 2nd in the world for what was tipped to be one of our toughest matches of the Games. The match was tense and the winners of the game were not decided until the last stone, when Great Britain took the win, which was an amazing result for ParalympicsGB and the Curling Team.   The Inspiration group were honored to be invited for lunch with the ParalymicsGB curling team before they went back out to play South Korea this afternoon, which was a game they also won! Before they left the Coastal Village for the day, the team bumped into none other than the IPC President, Sir Phillip Craven, a great moment for our Athletes.

Meanwhile, up in the mountains, Martin (our Head of Sports Recovery) & I were nervously waiting for Mick Brennan to start his first race of the Paralympic Games, the men’s Super-G Sitting Classification.  The course was tough, many in the first classes were coming off the track and missing gates, including the guides of the Visually Impaired (VI) classification! After a fairly long delay, due to the number of crashes on the course, it was finally Mick’s classification.  With a 50/50 split between those finishing and those crashing out made it a very tense wait for Martin & I.  Finally, we saw him appear on the big screen and he was up!  The nerves really kicked in then and as he pushed off I could feel myself shaking and was repeating under my breath, ‘nice and steady Mick, stay steady’, willing him with all my might to finish the course and, most importantly, safely.

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