Our safeguarding policy is for everyone involved with the charity whether you’re a beneficiary, volunteer or staff member. It shows you our safeguarding principles, how we seek to protect individuals and the actions we will take if concerns are raised.

What the policy includes

The policy defines safeguarding as "the protection of children, adults at risk and vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect." It sets out the charity's responsibilities in relation to safeguarding, including:

  • Identifying and responding to risks of abuse or neglect
  • Putting in place measures to prevent abuse or neglect from happening
  • Raising awareness of safeguarding issues
  • Ensuring that everyone who works for or volunteers with the charity is aware of their safeguarding responsibilities.

Policy procedures

The policy also sets out the procedures that the charity will follow if there is a concern about abuse or neglect. These procedures include:

  • Investigating the concern
  • Taking action to protect the individual concerned
  • Reporting the concern to the appropriate authorities

Other supporting policies

We're committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for everyone who comes into contact with us. The charity's Safeguarding Policy is an important part of this commitment. In addition, we have also developed a number of other policies and procedures to protect the welfare of those it supports. These include:

  • A whistleblowing policy, which allows people to raise concerns about the charity's activities without fear of reprisal
  • A bullying and harassment policy, which sets out the charity's commitment to preventing and tackling bullying and harassment
  • A diversity and inclusion policy, which outlines the charity's commitment to creating a workplace that is open and inclusive to everyone

If you have any concerns about abuse or neglect, please contact us on 0800 328 2300.

    Safeguarding Policy

    read our full Safeguarding Policy by downloading this document.

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