Help for Heroes is calling on the UK Government to reinstate long-term funding for the Veterans’ Hearing Fund (VHF)

In 2015, the Government launched the Veterans’ Hearing Fund to ensure high quality and tailored care for these veterans who may have specific hearing loss needs above what the NHS can offer. 

This went a long way in supporting hearing loss veterans and maximising post-service employment. Before its closure in 2021, the VHF made over 3,000 grants. The need remains, even though the funding is no longer in place.

Why does it need to be reinstated?

An estimated 300,000 UK veterans suffer from hearing loss. Sixty-nine per cent of Royal Marine Commandos have had severe to permanent hearing damage, and, overall, those in our Armed Forces are 3.5 times more likely to suffer from hearing loss than civilians.

Between 2015-2020 hearing loss/damage was the principal reason given for medical discharges from the regular Royal Navy (4 per cent) Army (3 per cent), RAF (2 per cent) respectively.

When the Government launched the Veterans’ Hearing Fund in 2015, it not only recognised that those who serve in our Armed Forces are exposed to a workplace that places them at substantial risk of hearing damage, but also that this cohort of veterans needed to receive hearing devices, peripherals, and therapies unavailable through the NHS.

While the NHS offers hearing aids to veterans, these are typically designed for the general population and may not adequately meet the specific needs of veterans

This fund focused on ensuring access to the highest quality care and maximising post-service employability. To this end, it made £11.5M available using Libor revenue, and 3,000 grants were made. Today the fund is no longer available, but this need remains.

What we’re doing

  • In 2023, we included this ask as one of our top priorities for veterans at the next General Election.
  • We have also met with MPs and officials from numerous political parties in support of this policy.

Get involved in this campaign

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