Help for Heroes is calling upon the UK Government to end the practice of amputees having to undergo multiple Work Capability and Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Reassessments

Amputee veterans are currently required to undergo frequent health and capability tests to receive the welfare support they are entitled to. This causes unnecessary strain, burden, and disruption for veterans with lifelong and non-recoverable disablements.

Why does this need to change?

Currently, amputees are often required to go through multiple reassessments for Personal Independence Payments (PIP). 

Despite the life-long and non-recoverable nature of amputation, this does not automatically entitle the recipient to an ‘indefinite award’ (reviewed every 10 years), and they are required to re-explain and repeatedly undergo physical tasks to continue to qualify for this support every two years.

Similarly, when applying for Universal Credit (UC) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), even when given a limited capability for work (LCW) or limited capability for work-related activity (LCWRA) status, amputees are required to be reassessed at an interval of the assessor’s discretion, normally every two years.

This has, in many cases, led to the absurd and undignified situation where amputees must continually re-prove their disablement. We believe that full or partial limb amputees should automatically be granted PIP awards indefinitely and that amputation should be added to the criteria for ‘severe conditions’ where reassessment is not appropriate for UC and ESA. 

This would reduce the burden and disruption caused to claimants who must continue to re-evidence their disablement and free up resources that could be better focused elsewhere.

What we’re doing

  • In 2023, we included this ask as one of our top priorities for veterans at the next General Election.
  • We have also met with MPs and officials from numerous political parties in support of this policy.

Get involved in this campaign

To help us with this campaign, we are looking for accounts from amputee veterans who have had a negative experience of navigating the disability benefits system, including going through reassessments.

If you would like to share your experience or want more information on this campaign, please contact our Senior Public Affairs and Policy Manager Ted Arnold at