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Friday 24 April 2020

Why home baking could be just the mental health boost you knead

Posted by: Help For Heroes

So much has changed over the past few weeks and we’re all trying to adapt to a ‘new normal’, which can leave us feeling stressed, anxious or worried.

Did you know that baking can be a great mental health booster for you and your family?

We recently commissioned research to explore the link between baking and well-being, after finding that culinary therapy can be a useful recovery aide for veterans. As many of us will be spending more time in the kitchen at the moment we’d love to share some of the benefits of baking and suggest some delicious treats you can try whipping up!

Improving your mental wellbeing

Baking is becoming a popular way to improve wellbeing, with one in five UK adults finding it therapeutic. One in five also say it’s a beneficial way of dealing with stress and anxiety. Baking is a form of mindfulness, requiring time and patience which helps to slow down the mind and relax the body.

Boosting morale for others

Almost half of UK adults think baking a delicious treat for others is a good way to cheer them up. If you know someone who is struggling at the moment, why not whip up a home-baked treat and send them a picture or video? It’s not quite the same as giving them the cake in real life, but they’ll know how much you’re thinking of them – and it may inspire them to fire up their oven too.

Supporting the younger generations

With schools across the UK closed, children, teenagers and young adults have more time on their hands, which can be both enjoyable and a struggle. Baking is a great way to entertain and teach new skills whilst boosting mental health – plus it can also help them escape from the real world and to feel a sense of accomplishment. Our research shows that parents with three or more children are particularly likely to find baking useful in helping themselves to deal with stress and anxiety – making family baking sessions a win-win.

So, with baking being beneficial for you, your family and friends, why not add it into your weekly routine? The nation’s favourite bake is Lemon Drizzle and Army Air Corps veteran Rosie Dummer, the presenter of Extreme Cake Makers and self-proclaimed Cake-Diva, has shared her fail-safe recipe to get your taste buds tingling. The good news is that it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! Check it out here.

If you need some more inspiration, why not head over to our website for some delicious ideas including recipes that use a very special ingredient – Lyle’s Golden Syrup! To commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Lyle’s have created a limited edition tin, available from all major supermarkets*. For every tin sold, 5p will be donated to us – aiming to raise over £25,000 so we can continue to support our Armed Forces heroes and their families.

“The 75th anniversary of VE Day is an important moment for Britain as we reflect on the huge sacrifices made by our servicemen and women during WWII. To mark this occasion, we are extremely proud to be partnering with Help for Heroes who do such meaningful work for veterans”, said Lindsay Brown, Product Manager, Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

“Help for Heroes is proud to be associated with Lyle’s Golden Syrup, a brand with such great heritage. Through this partnership we hope to raise awareness of the work that Help for Heroes does, leading to more people coming forward and buying a tin or two, to further support the work that we do”, said Mandy Lloyd, Head of Partnerships, Help for Heroes.

*Please follow Government guidelines when leaving your home.

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 4,498 adults, of which 411 have ever served in the armed forces. Fieldwork was undertaken between 26th - 30th April 2019.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).