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Friday 04 April 2014

Simon 100 take on the Tartan Express!

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Simon Lamb and Simon Herrick are taking part in the Tartan Express Hero Ride this June. This is their story:

10 years ago we ran the London marathon together. Now, at ages of 49 and 51 and a combined age of 100, we felt compelled to put our elderly and frail bodies through yet more torture and what better cause. Naturally, this was a decision that we came to after a few pints one Sunday night…

We had been looking at the H4H website and saw the range of events being organized during 2014 and a 440 mile cycle ride from Edinburgh to London seemed to fit the torture bill. Next thing we knew, we had signed up under the team name ‘Simons 100th’… Although the ride is named the ‘Tartan Express’ I think for us it might be more like the ‘Branch line diesel’ but I’m confident we’ll get there in the end.

Fortunately neither of us have family or friends that have been injured in the current Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, but we both have loved ones that have served in the forces, some of whom were injured or killed in past conflicts.

Having seen and read about the plight of young 20 something injured service men and women, many surviving as a result of recent advances in medicine rather than perishing as they no doubt would have in previous conflicts, and in the knowledge that these heroes will have to live with their often terrible injuries for the rest of their lives, it seemed only right that we should raise as much as possible to fund every effort to help these heroes recover and live full lives beyond injury.

So we are heading out on an almost daily basis to cover as much ground as possible on our bikes. Simon 1 cycles to work and has done for a number of years, so has a great advantage. Simon 2 has started virtually from scratch and is building up gradually. Richmond Park is becoming extremely familiar to both of us.

We have both agreed to pay for the cost of the cycle ride and support ourselves, so that all monies we raise will go directly to H4H.

Other than the cycling and badgering friends, family and colleagues to sponsor us, Simon 1 became Hero Bear and danced through Twickenham on the 9th of April when England played Wales, while Simon 2 acted as Mr. Smith by screaming and shaking a collection bucket (for those of you too young to remember, look up the 1967 No.4 hit by Alan Price). Simon 1 also took Hero Bear to church and raised a healthy collection.

As the ride date gets closer, we are both really looking forward to what is sure to be a great ride for a brilliant cause. If you see us en route from Edinburgh, be sure to give us a wave!

You can join Simon and Simon on Hero Ride 2014 by registering for a ride today!