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Monday 03 March 2014

March Fourth with Eggs for Soldiers 'Toast-A-Cutter' Army!

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A Toast Army made from 1,000 identical toast soldiers has been unveiled today at London’s Royal Artillery Museum. The world-first has been created by charity egg brand Eggs For Soldiers to mark March Fourth – it’s annual fundraising event in support of Help for Heroes.  

Eggs For Soldiers has raised almost £1m for Help for Heroes to date, donating 15p from every box of six eggs sold! The “Toast-A-Cutter Army” has been made using bespoke toast-cutters that were designed by Eggs For Soldiers to create toast figures that are the perfect size and shape for dipping into boiled eggs!  The toast army is made from figures that resemble modern-day soldiers, complete with bed roll, distinctive British Army Mk6 helmet and combat clothing.

Each of the 1,000 identical toast soldiers stand at 12 centimeters tall and cover an area measuring 144 square feet. The Toast Army took a team of five designers more than 16 hours to create by hand using almost 80 loaves of stale bread. Watch the making-of video to see how they did it:

A section of the Toast-A-Cutter Army will go on display at the “Firepower” The Royal Artillery Museum for the public to view for six weeks from 8th March 2014. 2,000 of the bespoke Eggs For Soldiers cutters will be also be given away via a competition on the Eggs For Soldiers Facebook page at

Caroline Beatty, Brand Manager at Eggs For Soldiers said: “We’re very proud to officially support Help for Heroes. Our Toast-A-Cutter Army at the Royal Artillery Museum brings to life the very essence of Eggs For Soldiers in a lighthearted way but it has a serious message at its heart. Every year on March Fourth we do something attention-grabbing that reminds people about this truly great cause.”

“By making one small change to their weekly shop and buying a pack of Eggs For Soldiers, it can make a big difference to the brave service men and women who have been wounded in the service of their country. We’ve raised almost £1m for Help for Heroes so far and would urge people to keep buying Eggs For Soldiers to help us reach this milestone and get us on the way to £2m.” 

To find out more about Eggs For Soldiers visit or the Facebook page