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Tuesday 07 January 2014

Bryn's Blog: New Year, New You

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Dear H4H Supporter,

The Christmas decorations are back in the attic, the Reindeer jumpers are back in the drawer, we are all back at work (those of us who have managed to wade through the floods at least!) and 2014 has begun!

Everywhere you go people are talking about their new diet or exercise plan. We all know the New Year is the time to make up for the excesses of the Festive season but for most of us, the good intentions flail early in January, the gym membership goes to waste and life goes on as it always has. It’s understandable – dieting or going to the gym can be pretty boring after all. BUT it doesn't have to be like that… 2014 can be the year of the New You and we can help you. 

In the last six years thousands of H4H supporters, just like you, have decided  to 'do their bit for the blokes' and taken on a personal challenge that has changed their lives. I meet supporters who have taken up cycling - joining the Big Battlefield Bike Ride and dropping several clothing sizes in the process.

Others who, having never previously climbed more than a few flights of stairs, have found themselves looking out over Africa from the top of Kilimanjaro. People have achieved things that they never thought they could and they have done it with friends, as part of a supportive team. Getting fit or losing weight is a chore unless you have a goal and joining a H4H challenge will give you that goal and the knowledge that by challenging yourself you are helping our heroes. 

Go on, commit today, that’s the hardest part over! Imagine dropping into the conversation; ‘I'm in training for an H4H challenge' and watch the reaction. 'Good for you' they say, 'I'm not brave or fit enough'. Well you are!

Not everybody can climb Everest but everybody has their own Everest to climb.

H4H is not about super athletes, its about ordinary, decent people, of all sizes and ability levels, like you and me, doing what they can to help those who have had their lives affected by injury. Its like one big family and you can be part of it…. Just commit!

Make 2014 the year you really make a difference, New Year, New You.