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Heroes Promise FAQs

What is the ‘Heroes Promise’?

We all make promises. At Help for Heroes we’ve promised all those affected by their service that we will support them, for life.

Now, we’re asking our supporters, like you, to echo this promise – to Make the Heroes Promise.

The Heroes Promise asks supporters, new and old, to commit to making a monthly donation. This reliable and predictable income allows us to plan for the future – fulfilling our promise for as long as we’re needed.

Can I change the amount I give?

Of course! We are incredibly grateful for any amount you feel able to give.

Because of donation processing fees, we do ask that if you would like to donate less than £1 per month you consider making a slightly higher one-off donation. This ensures that as much of your donation can be used supporting those affected by their service.

What if I want to stop donating?

We understand that circumstances change – you are free to alter the amount or frequency of your regular donation at any time or stop it completely.

If you subsequently feel able to give again, we would, of course, love to welcome you back.


Overall comments for Friends

  • Your on-going support is massively appreciated and continues to make an incredible difference to the lives of all those we support.

  • We’re looking for more people like you!

  • We rely on generous regular donations, like the ones given by Friends, to fund our vital work.

  • Your regular gifts allow us to plan for the future – ensuring we can support the thousands who we know will need us for many years to come.

What happens to my Direct Debit?

Essentially, nothing. Everything continues as normal. We will continue to collect the same amount, on the same date, from the same account.

Am I still a Friend?

We are no longer asking supporters to become Friends, so you will gradually see fewer references to the name. However, you’re welcome to continue wearing your Friends wristband and displaying your Friends car sticker.

We have now transitioned you the Heroes Promise. This way, you are still a ‘friend’ of the charity and your regular gift is your promise to our Heroes. Find out more about the Heroes Promise here. From now on, all communication from us will be under the Heroes Promise heading.

Your valued contribution as a Friend has allowed us to fulfil our promise to date – we sincerely hope you will continue to donate regularly as our promise endures.