Gear up to do some pedal-powered fundraising. Anytime, anywhere.

Make it fit for you

Ride 200 miles over a month, or if you want to crank things up a gear why not up your target to 400, 600, 800 or even 1,000 miles. If you’re more of an easy rider, simply opt for less than 200 – every spin of the wheel will make a big difference to the lives of wounded veterans and their families.

Use any bike you like

Use any bike to cover your distance. Get some air into your lungs and take advantage of the warmer weather; use a static bike at home; or hit the gym - the choice is yours.

Make it a team effort

Cycling is a great way to socialise, so why not create a team with friends and family and hit your targets together?

If you're a member of a cycling club, why not get your fellow club members involved?

Log your miles and keep track as you and your team wheel your way to victory.

  • Heroes Ride FAQs
    • Heroes Ride 200 is suitable for all abilities. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a novice, so long as you can get ride a bike you can take part, get fitter and help our heroes while you do it!

      Due to fundraising regulations, you must be 18 or over to register for Heroes Ride 200. If you have a family member under 18 who wants to take on the challenge, as long as you’re over the age of 18 you can register on their behalf.

    • Whenever you’re doing exercise, especially outside, it’s really important you’re keeping safe. That means wearing high visibility clothing so other road users can see you easily, having decent bike lights and if you’re not confident on them, avoiding busy roads. 

      We don’t need to tell you that an English summer can be unpredictable weatherwise so make sure you’re prepared for glorious sunshine or rain. Stay hydrated and fueled by taking water and snacks with you. And if you’re not used to cycling long distances, try shorter routes first to build up stamina.

    • JustGiving has a really helpful, step-by-step guide for you to follow here.

    • There are lots of apps that can do this for you – just head over to the App or Play store. Apps like Strava can also link to your JustGiving page if you want to share your distances with everyone. If you don’t have an app, plan your route in Google Maps (or any other GPS tracker) and you should be able to see how many miles your route has. Keep a record and add them all up to see how many you’ve done.

    • You can contact if you're having technical problems with your page or your donors are having issues with their donations.

    • There are loads of great ways to fundraise. The simplest way is to set up a JustGiving page to collect online donations and simply share the link with family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. The more you raise, the more you’ll be motivated to go the distance for our heroes!

      Simply click on the Set up a JustGiving Page button and follow the instructions. You'll be taken to the Help for Heroes page which will automatically populate your fundraising page with information about the charity you are supporting. 

      Remember to share your fundraising link on your social channels and keep everyone updated by sharing your news, photos or videos! Don't forget to tag us in so we can see how you are doing! #HelpforHeroes #HeroesRide200

    • Yes! You can cycle together with friends, family or colleagues virtually or physically – either way, a team can be great for morale, for extra support or a way to complete against each other!

      You can also set up a team JustGiving page and link individual team member pages to the page to track your cumulative team total.

    • You can use any bike you like to cover the distance.

      It doesn’t matter if it’s a hired bike, a recumbent bike, a hand cycle, a static bike at home or in the gym, a superfast road bike or a unicycle!  You can ride outside or inside or mix it up with a bit of both.

      If you’re already using platforms such as Zwift, spread the word about your challenge with fellow users and organise ‘meet-ups’ to help you cover the distance.

    • It’s free to sign up to Heroes Ride 200 and take part but we encourage you to fundraise by getting people to sponsor you. Aim to raise £200 if you can – but if you think you can do better we’d be delighted! Every penny you raise will be helping us help our heroes.

    • No. If 200 miles is stretch too far, give yourself a target you think is achievable in one month. Or if it’s too easy, you can increase the target to 400, 600 or even a thousand miles! 

      Whatever the distance, you’ll be part of a cycling community that’s helping our heroes!

Every mile will make a difference