Follow these steps to get started with your PC stream.

  1. Download OBS (Open Broadcasting System). This will allow you to broadcast your stream.
  2. Select your operating system and follow the steps to install.
  3. Enter your stream key. This can be accessed via your Twitch account on the left-hand side panel under 'Settings' and 'Channel'.
  4. Select 'stream key' and copy the stream key link.
  5. Paste this into the prompted ox on your OBS server. Continue your set up and you will be presented with your streaming screen template.
  6. Link the donation progress bar with the donation prompt. This will allow your viewers and supporters to see how much you've raised and help you reach your target.
  7. Select the '+' button under the scenes tab to create a new scene.
  8. Select the '+' button under 'Sources'. This will allow you to add a source titled Browser Source.
  9. Enter the your Twitch channel URL. That's you set up for your charity PC stream.

Once you're finished with OBS, head to our Hero Up page where you can download some great overlays for your stream.