A gift in your Will is a wonderful way to provide for the people and causes you love.

Thanks to dedicated friends like you, we support any veteran or Armed Forces personnel who has been affected by their military service. We also support their families and carers, and embedded civilians who support British troops on deployment.

Our expert staff help people with their physical and mental health, and a wide range of other issues including housing, finances, and improving accessibility into and around people’s homes.

Recovery is more than just repairing damaged bodies and minds: it’s about rebuilding lives, restoring confidence and renewing hope. It takes time and expertise to allow some wounds to heal. It also takes caring and committed friends like you.


The Importance of one-to-one care - Recovery Services

We’re the only military charity with a dedicated team of medical professionals providing one-to-one care in veterans’ homes and community settings. Our Clinical and Medical Services Team includes nurses, occupational therapists and commissioned physiotherapists, many of whom served and so understand veterans’ needs.

Veterans often downplay their struggles but meeting them at home helps us see if they’re sleeping on the sofa because they can’t climb stairs, or if they’re unable to use the kitchen or bathroom independently.

Once we know the full picture, our different recovery teams all pull together to organise specialist equipment, home adaptations, counselling, medical treatment and a whole range of ongoing support for them and their family. All thanks to you.


You can help families face the future - Clare Keating RAF Veteran

Clare Keating was living her dream as an RAF engineer until a rare eye condition ended her career.

“I woke up one morning and realised I couldn’t see properly out of my left eye. Within a few weeks I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable condition. Within a few months I was told I was unfit to serve.

“As well as losing my sight, I lost my career, independence and sense of self-worth. I have an amazing family who are my rock, but my mental health took a nosedive.

“I thought I wasn’t disabled enough to ask for support but Help for Heroes has helped me in all kinds of ways. I joined the choir and the Band of Brothers fellowship; and then got involved with Sport Recovery.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been selected for Team UK at the Invictus Games. Training – and everything else - is hard when you’re blind, but sport has given me a way to live my life again.

“I’ll be completely blind within five to ten years, so knowing the charity will always be here for me and my family is invaluable. And there’ll be a lot more veterans who’ll need help in years to come.

“If you’re thinking of leaving a gift in your Will, I’d like to thank you for such a wonderful gesture. You’ll help injured veterans live their life to the full; and that’s amazing. Thank you.”

For more information on leaving a gift in your Will, contact our Legacy team at legacies@helpforheroes.org.uk.

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