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Tesco National Collection Weekend


We were delighted to have been given a Tesco National Collection Weekend on 10 & 11 August 2019, in Tesco’s centenary year. 

Tesco founder, Jack Cohen, set up his first market stall 100 years ago using his demob money after seeing active service during the First World War. Tesco has committed to honouring the Armed Forces Covenant and continues to support the Armed Forces Community; this collection is a testament to that support.

If you are interested in joining us and volunteering at future collections, please click on the ‘Want to know more?’ button and complete the short form.

The Roles

Volunteer Team Leader


This role includes liaising with the Tesco store to discuss arrangements for the weekend. You will be the main point of contact with any volunteers who have agreed to help over the weekend and will also receive Help for Heroes promotional items to take along to the collection.


As Volunteer Team Leader you will meet lots of new people, have a great time and help give our heroes a second chance at life.


Afterward, you will need to return the promotional items and pay in the money you have raised to Help for Heroes.


Collection Volunteer


This is a chance for you to volunteer some of your time to help at the collection - anything from a couple of hours to the whole weekend. You will meet lots of new people, have a great time and help give our heroes a second chance at life.


Do I need to register each year?


Yes, please! The stores need to know who is collecting, and if you’re registered you will be covered by our Public Liability Insurance.


Why do I need referees for the Volunteer Team Leader role?


As a new Volunteer Team Leader you’ll be handling money and receiving promotional stock, so we do need references.


Can I help if I’m under 18?


Absolutely! You’ll just need to be accompanied by an adult and we would need confirmation from a parent or guardian to be able to approve your registration.


Can my Scout/Guide/Cadet Group help?


Yes, that would be great! We’ll need an adult to register and to be with the group while they collect. 


Do I need to wear Help for Heroes branded clothing for the collection weekend?


Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! If you do have something branded that would be great, but it’s not mandatory.