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Selecting a Charity of the Year

What is a Charity of the Year?

Charity of the Year (COTY) is a special partnership between a business and a charity of their choice. You don’t have to be a large company or even a corporate company – societies and clubs can make us their Charity of the Year as well. 

By partnering together, you help ensure Help for Heroes can continue important work with wounded servicemen and women, while also letting your team and customers know they are contributing to a truly worthwhile cause.

Charity of the Year can last one or more years and allows your business to officially partner with a charity, not only helping you meet your corporate social responsibility goals but also boosting staff morale, as your team knows their hard work contributes to something beyond the four walls of your office.


Reasons to choose Help for Heroes for your Charity of the Year

An estimated 1 in 10 of the UK population have links to the military, making Help for Heroes a very personal cause to a huge number of people, including your employees. We can offer a range of benefits to help boost your staff engagement and personal development including:

  • Encourage team building through fundraising

  • Positive local and national PR

  • Informative and motivational presentations to your staff

  • A wide range of events to engage your audience

  • A clear display of your company values and commitment to this important cause

  • Access to marketing materials for fundraising

  • Innovative fundraising tips and ideas

  • An online fundraising facility via Just Giving


How your money helps our Heroes

By working with us to raise awareness and funds, you and your team will help transform lives as we carry out much-needed work in aid of our wounded servicemen and women across the nation. Here are just some of the ways your choice to make us Charity of the Year can help:

  • Psychological support: Our Hidden Wounds team assists veterans with the unseen injuries they may have suffered, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

  • Welfare support: We assist veterans and their families with advice and guidance about health, money, housing, and benefits.

  • Grants: We assist veterans in need of financial support.

  • Research commissioning: Whether it’s working to find the best ways to support our Heroes or identifying the ways in which the government can do more, we are always striving to have our brave servicemen and women be recognised and supported as they deserve to be.

So far, we have supported over 20,000 veterans on their recovery journey. By making us Charity of the Year, you enable us to help even more. 

Supporting those to support others

It’s not all about individual help that begins and ends with our efforts. Help for Heroes is dedicated to giving our veterans a second chance in life so that they can chase new goals and dreams. It’s support like that offered through our Charity of the Year partners that can allow these same Heroes to start their own initiatives to help veterans themselves. 

Tommy Lowther did just this with support from Help for Heroes. He now runs Sporting Force, a business that connects veterans with sports clubs to secure work experience. Now, Tommy can help fellow servicemen and women overcome the injuries and obstacles that once challenged him.


How can you and your company start fundraising? 

If you’ve chosen to make Help for Heroes your Charity of the Year, you can enjoy fantastic fundraising opportunities that will bring you, your team, and your customers closer together. Be sure to register your fundraiser with us so we can help you track your success.

Here are some of the most popular office fundraiser ideas to get you started:


One man’s tat is another man’s treasure. Whether you’re auctioning off trinkets each team member brings in from home, funny chores like “will make you a coffee every morning,” or putting up something a little more tempting like a team meal, auctions are a great way to get everyone engaged and digging deep.

Sweet treats

From a bake sale to buying charity treats, the way to the office’s heart is often through its stomach. Make sure to get in touch so we can provide you with an official collection box.

Dress up

The Help for Heroes shop has all sorts of fashionable ways to show your support and donate, so why not make it the office uniform for a day? Or, if you prefer to be a bit silly, try some fancy dress, maybe with a prize for the best outfit.

Support us in other ways

If making us your Charity of the Year doesn’t seem like the right fit, but you still want to support our Heroes, you can help in the following ways:

  • Pro bono professional support, e.g., legal, etc.

  • Gifts in kind, including office supplies, sports equipment, and unique auction prizes

  • Payroll giving via the Association of Payroll Giving, allowing you and your team to donate in as seamless a way as possible 

These contributions help us lower our running costs, so we can make sure as much money as possible goes to where it’s needed most, right to our Heroes. Learn more about how to work with us.