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How to set up a stream on PC

Setting up your gaming stream on PC

  1. Downloading OBS (Open Broadcasting System) allows you to broadcast your stream. If you skipped to this part of our guide you can download it here.

    OBS software

  2. Select your operating system and follow the steps to download and install.

  3. You will then be asked to enter your ‘stream key’, you can find this by accessing your twitch account here and on the left-hand side panel under ‘settings’ click ‘channel’.

  4. Click on ‘Stream Key’ and then copy the stream key link.

    Stream Key

  5. Paste this in the prompted box on your OBS server and continue to set up.

  6. You will then be presented with your streaming screen template. 


  7. Next, you want to link your ‘Donation progress bar’ and ‘Donation prompt’ so that your viewers and supporters can see how much you have raised and help you reach your target!

  8. Click on the ‘+’ button under the ‘Scenes’ tab to create a new scene.


  9. Next to this panel, you will see ‘Sources’. Click the ‘+’ button to add a source titled ‘Browser source’. 


  10. You will then be asked to input a URL for this browser source:

    Browser Source

  11. You will need to enter the URL for your Twitch Channel. It will look something like this -

  12. Once you are finished with OBS. Head on over to where you can download some amazing overlays to go over your stream.

  13. If you need more support with your stream, head here