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Fundraise on your own

Give Up and Give Back

We all have bad habits, and some may have got worse during lockdown! Could you go without something you love for a month or two?  This might be chocolate, alcohol, meat, crisps… anything! Why not set up an online giving page and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you? Or you might prefer to simply donate the money saved by abstaining! You could see some real health benefits for yourself too.


Declutter and Donate

Why not have a declutter with your family and then offer these items up for a donation? You could hold a yard sale, use your social media to offer items to your local community, or you could sell on eBay and donate the proceeds: All socially distanced, of course!


Acts of Kindness

Offer support within your local community in return for a donation: car washing, some light gardening or even baking. A great way to support our heroes and your local community at the same time.


Do You Dare?

Are you brave enough to take a challenge live on social media? Ask your family and friends to think up some fiendish challenges for you in exchange for a donation, then complete your challenge live on camera. 


Donate Your Birthday or Celebration

Why not invite your family and friends to make a donation in your name to us?

Don’t forget that Facebook birthday fundraisers are a very popular tool: visit to set up a birthday fundraising campaign online.


Replicate an Iconic Challenge

Ever fancied doing an iconic challenge such as John O’Groats to Land’s End or the Great Wall of China? Whilst most organised challenges are just starting to reopen, why not create a local and virtual equivalent event of your own and get sponsored to do it?


Sofa Shopping

Did you know you can shop and raise donations direct from the comfort of your own sofa?  Shop through Amazon Smile, simply select Help for Heroes as your charity of choice and Amazon will make a donation directly to us! Visit:

Similarly, if you’re shopping online at Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Argos, Dominos Pizza, Expedia and around 4000 other online outlets, by going through Easy Fundraising or Give as You Live and selecting Help for Heroes as your charity of choice, a donation will be made directly to us.

And don’t forget to tell your friends, family and neighbours about this too!


Donate Some of the Savings You Have Made During Lockdown

Lockdown has been hard for us all but you may have saved money on your commuting costs, daily coffee or lunch. Why not donate a proportion of your savings in support of wounded veterans and their families?