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How to: Hold your own charity bake sale fundraiser

Throwing your own bake sale doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in the kitchen. There are a whole host of delicious treats that are quick and easy to make.

Whether you host your bake sale in the comfort of your own home or have a bake sale at work, there’s no better feeling than satisfying rumbling tummies, whilst raising funds for a charity close to your heart.

Whether you’re in the middle of planning a charity bake sale or you’re thinking about hosting one, follow our top tips to ensure your charity bake sale is a roaring success.

Is a bake sale a good fundraising idea?

One of the main advantages of a charity bake sale is that there is usually something that everyone will like. You can host your charity bake sale pretty much anywhere you want, whether that’s at a school fair, a work coffee morning or at your local leisure centre.

You can even host your bake sale at home - simply invite your friends and family round for a catch up and cake and watch the donations flow.

The best way to organise a charity bake sale

Organisation is key to hosting a successful bake sale, so start recruiting early when it comes to finding your bakers.

The more treats and delicious savoury bakes you offer, the more money you’re likely to raise. So, shout about your bake sale from the rooftops, get your friends and family to spread the word, and you’re sure to recruit a dedicated team of bakers in no time at all.

If you don’t fancy baking, or don’t know anyone who is able to bake for you, why not buy your sweet treats – it’s not cheating, honest!

As well as focusing on spreading the word amongst family and friends, it also pays to make posters and flyers to distribute far and wide. You could even ask local businesses to get involved to make your bake sale even bigger.

Best-selling cakes at a bake sale

When it comes to choosing what to sell, you should consider everyone’s favourite sweet treats, such as cupcakes and the cornflake cakes, right through to larger items such as pies, quiches and pasties.  Other popular items include chocolate chip cookies, brownies and flapjacks. 

Oh, and don’t forget to cater for people with different culinary requirements such as vegans and vegetarians – they love a bake sale too! You should also include plenty of gluten-free options.

We’ve whipped up some tasty recipes to get your creative juices flowing here.

How do you price baked goods for a cake sale?

Pricing the items at your bake sale needn’t be tricky providing you keep things simple. It’s easier all round to make sure that all your cakes, pies and other treats have a clear price point, with easy to read labels.

Some people even just ask buyers to donate what they think each cake is worth; people tend to be extra generous when food is involved.

Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donations where possible. If you are a UK taxpayer, the charity could claim 25p on every £1 donated from the Government at no extra cost to you. Find out more here

How to label cakes at a bake sale?

When it comes to labelling your cakes at a bake sale, it’s important that you clearly state what you are selling and what ingredients they contain.  You should also say whether the product is gluten-free too. It’s important that those with allergies know what they are buying.

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