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How your dough helps

Whether hosting a bake sale at work, at school or with friends, every cake you bake or buy makes a real difference to the lives of those who put their lives on the line for us.

Your fundraising helps veterans and those still serving to recover and get on with their lives by providing physical, psychological, career, financial and welfare support for as long as they need it. It also supports their families, because they too can be affected by their loved one’s wounds.

To date, more than 25,000 people have been supported, but many more still need help.

Your baking efforts will make sure every wounded veteran gets the help they deserve.

How your dough helps:

£5 - contributes to materials for an art therapy session for 10 beneficiaries 

- could pay for a 90-minute indoor climbing session to help with mental and physical wellbeing.

£15 - An hour of community outreach, connecting with injured veterans and expanding their support network to reduce the feeling of loneliness.

£20 - A coaching session to help a wounded veteran develop a career plan for their life after the military.

£40 - Helps us run a mindfulness class for 16 beneficiaries, equipping them with skills to manage anxiety and stress in their daily lives.

£50 - An emergency food basket for a veteran and their family for a week.

£100- A room for a family member to visit a wounded soldier in hospital overnight.

£300 - A mentoring session to help guide a veteran starting their own business and identify a new fulfilling life for themselves after the military.

£400 - An annual gym membership for an injured veteran to regain strength after injury.

£500 - A week with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner to help a veteran manage anxiety, depression or stress.

Thank you once again for rising to the challenge.