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To mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, both Ambassador cruise ships - Ambition and Ambience – sailed in tandem to the Normandy coast as part of two special D-Day anniversary cruises.

On 6 June, both ships anchored off the beaches of Normandy where troops landed 80 years ago, with Help for Heroes taking part in each ship’s journey.

Guests and crew on board the two ships commemorated the 80th Anniversary D-Day memorial with a ceremony and two minutes silence to remember our nation's heroes. The service was held on deck where all guests and crew gathered to pay their respects on this historic day and where Help for Heroes Ambassadors addressed the guests. The service was followed by a themed lunch, made with rationed items, and a Great British Deck Party with Afternoon Tea.

Help for Heroes Ambassadors Jamie Hull and Nick Richardson are on board the ships and sharing their experiences and recovery journeys, bringing the partnership to life. It has been a truly special and emotional event for everyone on board.

Ambassador Cruise Line DDay 80 memorial ceremony
Ambassador Cruise Line D-Day 80 memorial ceremony - Ambassador Cruise Line

We've embarked on a three-year partnership dedicated to bettering the physical and mental health of both our communities.

We are so proud to partner with Ambassador Cruise Line! Alongside raising funds for us, Ambassador Cruise Line is offering exclusive access to our veterans, as well as hosting a series of onboard activities, such as talks and competitions, to promote the goals and ambitions of Help for Heroes.

Ambassador Cruise Line and Help for Heroes team celebrate