Skydive for heroes in the UK

Event Details

  • Nationwide
  • Registration Fee: £50 - £100
  • Fundraising Target: £500
  • Please Note: Your registration fee needs to be paid direct to your chosen supplier to book your jump (see Overview for suppliers). Once you have registered with your chosen company, please click below to inform us you are fundraising with your skydive.

Register Your Fundraising

Nothing quite compares to the exhilaration and adrenaline rush you’ll feel during this incredible experience. 

Following a thorough safety brief, you will board the plane and climb to over 13,000ft. Once strapped to your instructor, it’s time to jump! The feeling of free-falling through the sky is second to none and the stunning views as you parachute back to the ground will take your breath away.

The buzz felt can only be eclipsed by knowing how much of a difference your fundraising efforts are making. Fundraising in aid of Help for Heroes for your skydive means we can help veterans and their families recover and get on with their lives. 

Suppliers you can book with:

The team is on hand to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Whether you’re after event specifics, training tips or fundraising advice, we’d love to hear from you.

Phone: 01725 514106


Can I skydive with the Red Devils?

Absolutely! Our suppliers offer the chance to complete a tandem jump with the Red Devils so if you’re near either location, check out their pages for more information.

 I’ve got more questions, who should I speak to?

Please feel free to phone us on 01725 514106 Mon to Fri, 9—5. Alternatively you can email us on or click on the ‘Want to know more’ button to leave your details with us and we’ll be back in touch.

Who pays for my skydive?

You will need to pay a registration fee directly to your chosen supplier to confirm your jump in support of Help for Heroes. Once this is paid, you have two options:

- pay the full costs of your jump to your chosen supplier and register your fundraising with us. All of your fundraising money will go directly to supporting our wounded, or

- register your fundraising with us. We will pay the remainder of the cost of your jump from your fundraising total, to the supplier. 

We want to be open and transparent with you about where your fundraising goes. We would obviously prefer people pay the costs of their jump direct to their chosen supplier as this means all your fundraising total goes directly to help veterans and their families. However we understand people may need to fundraise to cover the costs of their jump; we assure you that every penny raised will make a difference and we appreciate all your efforts.

When do I need to meet my fundraising target?

We ask that you plan your fundraising to meet your target at least two weeks before your jump.

Why do I need to register my fundraising with Help for Heroes as well?

Once you have registered the Help for Heroes Events Team will be with you throughout your fundraising journey, and share helpful tips and advice every step of the way. You will receive:

- a comprehensive fundraising guide to help you get started

- monthly fundraising ideas straight to your inbox!

- regular calls from the team to see how you are doing.

Remember, it’s not just about sponsorship from friends – you can plan events throughout the build-up to your skydive to help boost your fundraising total.


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