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Grants for Ex-military, Veterans and charitable organisations




Who can apply?


If you are living with an ongoing injury or illness from your time during service, or as a result of your service, which is having an impact on your daily life and you are currently in need of financial support, the Grants Team would be happy to explore support.  Contact details are given below.


What can I apply for?


Our Quick Reaction Fund (QRF) can help by giving swift financial support to alleviate the distress caused by injury or support you on your Road to Recovery. 

We could provide a grant for things like:


  • Housing adaptations to accommodate injury

  • Sports and therapeutic equipment and activities

  • White and brown goods

  • Vocational and employment opportunities

  • Support with priority debts


And so much more.


How will I receive the funds?


The QRF is delivered directly by us, or administered for us through the Services' own charities and aims to provide support within 72 hours in the most urgent cases.


How do I apply?


To apply for grant support, please get in touch with our friendly team on or 01980 844280, or if you would like advice and signposting only, please contact 01980 844255.



At Help for Heroes, we are passionate about working in partnership with other organisations to avoid duplication and reduce administration. We strongly believe that by joining together, we can ensure we deliver the very best support, for life. We are delighted to be able to work with nearly 60 other organisations and the Service’s own charities to ensure that the wounded and their relatives get the speedy support and opportunities they so richly deserve.

If you are an organisation or charity who can offer support to our beneficiaries through your own activities, and you wish to do so in collaboration that is grant funded, please click the link below to explore this further with us.

If you are seeking grant funding as an individual, please email us via the link on the Get Support/Welfare and Financial Support/Grants page.


f you are another organisation seeking support for service delivery with our Wounded, Injured and Sick serving and Veterans, please submit your proposal through the following link to our online form: If you have any difficulties please contact our Grants Manager on


If you are completing our online application or reporting forms, you may be asked to review and complete some forms. These are:

The Online Trustee Information Form

The Beneficiary Return Form

Our General Grants Report

The Grants Monitoring Tool