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The Very Seriously Injured Veterans Programme

Our Goal

Help for Heroes delivers bespoke support for very seriously injured (VSI) Veterans with life-limiting injuries to improve quality of life for them and their families.

Our aim is to enhance the physical, psychological and social care needs for the most severely injured Veterans.

The VSI programme

We know that VSI Veterans have the most complex injuries and needs. The severity of their injuries means they face high levels of social isolation and significant challenges in achieving independent, meaningful lives.

Using a grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, Help for Heroes has developed a programme to deliver bespoke support for VSI Veterans and their families. Improving the quality of support, securing Government funding for the long-term, and enabling individuals to live a fulfilling life.

This programme provides:

  • Access to a designated Clinical Liaison officer to help navigate the system

  • Specialist welfare support from highly skilled and dedicated Key Workers

  • A Case Management team to ensure support from the right people in the right places

  • Psychological support to build resilience in managing their life-changing and life-limiting circumstances

  • Educational and vocational opportunities to bring purpose back to peoples’ lives

  • Financial support towards additional carer costs, travel assistance and specialist equipment

  • Participation in recovery programmes with fellow Veterans to regain a sense of belonging and camaraderie

  • Peer to peer fellowship support

  • Respite breaks


Support for Families

Life-limiting or life-changing conditions and complex needs cause high levels of anxiety and stress. This can be overwhelming not only for the Veteran, but also for their family members.  The life-long needs of these Veterans mean the family are often the primary care-givers so it is vital they can access support for their own mental health and wellbeing too.

Our programme supports families with:

  • Psychological wellbeing support to build resilience and coping mechanisms

  • Access to peer to peer support through our Family Fellowship network

  • Highly skilled and dedicated Family and Welfare Key Workers


How we could support

Areas Help for Heroes may be able to offer support with include:

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Specialist Equipment such as EyeGaze

  • Case Management costs

  • Financial Planning

  • Adaptive sports

  • Psychological Interventions

  • Education

  • Career Guidance

  • Welfare advice and guidance


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this programme, the individual must need 24-hour care or support due to an injury sustained while serving.

Eligibility is not limited to a specific injury or illness and individuals may be living at home or in a care facility.

To confirm eligibility, an initial assessment will be made by our clinical welfare team.

Get in Touch

To find out more about the project or refer an individual for support, please email the team at or call 01980 844280 (Weekdays, 9am-5pm)

Help for Heroes supports those with injuries and illnesses attributable to their service in the British Armed Forces. No matter when or where someone served, we believe those prepared to put their lives second, deserve a second chance at life.