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Recovery Centre

Catterick Garrison is where you’ll find our recovery centre for the North of the UK. The centre is accessible to all wounded, injured and sick personnel and their loved ones. Whether they’re still serving or a Veteran.  

The centre is designed to create a welcoming, supportive and inspirational atmosphere. It’s been purpose-built to give those who have served their country, a second chance at life.

The centre’s facilities support the recovery process. These include classrooms and an IT suite, training kitchens, an art room and wood workshop, a gym with specialist equipment and health and wellbeing rooms.

Community Focus

We recognise that the North of England & Scotland are big regions. As well as being able to access the Recovery Centre here in Catterick, we take recovery services out into the community to allow more people the opportunity to be supported, in more places more of the time.

In each community, we work with local partners to bring the essence of what is on offer in the Recovery Centre to life in that area. Each month, we aim to sign post visitors to activities or events we are delivering so they can drop in to take part in free sporting activities, receive careers advice & Fellowship to enjoy conversation with comrades over a coffee.

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Activity in the North: 

Physical Development: 



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 11th – 15th June

Rolling Recovery Programme

Introduces participants to a range of physical, creative and welfare activities designed to build self-esteem, develop coping strategies, and identify new interests/skills and to feel motivated about working towards a better future.

19th – 21st June

Introduction to Trail Running

Targeting those who are new to Trail Running and have an interest in developing their involvement in this aspect of running.

This 3 day course will cover all aspects of trail running including route planning, injury prevention, and conditioning.

Participants must be able to run 5km, continuously, over uneven ground and undulating terrain.  Not suitable for those using walking aids or wheelchairs.

26th-28th June

Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Targeting those who are new to SUP and have an interest in developing their skills*   This 3 day course will cover basic lake based skills and will conclude with a SUP river expedition.

*Suitability of applicants will be determined with the Instructor based on NGB Ratios; equipment, and activity plans.

Participants must be able to kneel up or stand unaided.



One to One sessions and Lunchtime fitness


Various classes and personal training programmes for those looking to improve fitness, mobility, and focus on a healthy lifestyle.   Sessions must be booked in advance.



YOGA, Relaxation,

Morning Energisers


Aims to manage the effects of physical, psychological and emotional stress. Addressing stress management can increase concentration, decision-making ability, and overall energy whilst adopting breathing techniques can assist the management of positive sleep hygiene

Yoga is a journey of self-awareness incorporating mind, body, and breath which can improve flexibility, muscular strength, posture, balance, self-esteem, digestion, circulation, lymphatic drainage and immune system function. Yoga reduces blood pressure, decreases emotional stress and physical tension and helps to regulate the adrenal glands




Art Room

Wood Workshop


Daily/ weekly sessions available.

Specific Courses – e.g guitar making, rocking horse.

1:1 sessions


Every Tuesday


(NB: New timings from Jan 2018)


Swimming Session – Richmond Pool


Phoenix House has sole access to Richmond Swimming Pool every Tuesday from 0900-1000hrs

From January 2018 this session will have a member of staff from the PDT present to support you with your progression – whether you are new to swimming and want to improve, through to those who would like a swim set to complete, or just need the motivation to turn up!

Various Dates


Training events and Competitions

Membership Badges for Richmond Golf Club available for use.

Career Recovery: 




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5th & 6th June

Introduction to Dry Stone Walling – Phoenix House, Catterick

The course is an ideal opportunity to explore your interest in dry stone walling.  You will learn the skill and terminology associated with the craft, along with an understanding of how to get involved as a volunteer, progress as a professional waller, or to include the skill in a portfolio of a land based career.

Sarah Findlay

27th June

Business Experience – Part 1 of 3

A six-day programme spread over two months, covering the key parts of how to set up and sustain a profitable business. This includes marketing, cash flow and budgeting.


Sarah Findlay



How do I contact the Recovery team in the North of England & Scotland?

How do I contact Phoenix House Recovery Centre?