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Help for Heroes Career Recovery

Leaving the military does not mean the end of your working potential, but finding a new purpose can be daunting. Help for Heroes offers the tools you need to get job-ready and take your next steps.

Will Help for Heroes find me a new job?

Career recovery is not about finding you a new job, but getting you ready for what’s next. Our Career Recovery Service offers access to courses, qualifications, work experience, networking, training and volunteering to help you navigate your way through Civvy Street.

What if I don’t have any skills for Civvy Street?

You will already have transferable skills learned during your time with the military, such as self-discipline, teamwork and planning skills. You might know the skillset you have but not sure what role you want yet, we offer lots of courses to help you find your way and discover what might be next for you.

Leave us your details and we will be in touch

If you need support with identifying a new future outside of the Armed Forces, we're here to help. Simply fill out the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help deal with your request. Help for Heroes is here for you.

How do I contact Help for Heroes Career Recovery?

You can contact the team weekdays 0900-1700