Help for Heroes Career Recovery

Who can use Help for Heroes Career Recovery?

Service Personnel, Veterans, and those who have served alongside our Armed Forces, who were injured or became ill during service or have an injury or illness due to their service.

What is Help for Heroes Career Recovery?

We are here to help you identify a new future outside of the Armed Forces.

Leaving the military does not mean the end of your working potential, but we understand that finding a new career can be daunting. Our Career Recovery Service offers access to courses, qualifications, work experience, networking, training and volunteering to help you navigate your way through Civvy Street.

Our Experiences

You will already have transferable skills learned during your time with the military, such as self-discipline, teamwork and planning skills. You can build on these skills and develop new ones to pursue a new fulfilling future through our various Experiences:

Whatever direction you want to go in in your new life outside of the Armed Forces, we can help. Confidentially leave your details on the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch!

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Loss of military identity may be a difficult time for you and our Pathfinder Experience provides you with the tools, support and time to help you successfully transition into your new life as a civilian. Many Pathfinders will be undergoing the transition from the Armed Services to civilian life whilst some of you may have been civilians for many years but still struggling to feel stable in your life.

There are 3 phases to Pathfinder (Inspire, Enable, Support ), helping you learn more about yourselves in terms of strengths, skills, likes, dislikes, as well as identify opportunities for a purposeful future role, whether that be in fulfilling paid work, voluntary work or finding enjoyable hobbies.

Throughout the course you will develop an awareness of what you can do rather than what you can’t do. By the time the Experience is complete, you should be in a position to translate their strengths and skills into civilian life, understand employment and lifestyle options and be confident about what the future holds.

Setting up a business is a challenge and it is best to embark upon this with a good awareness of what it means. That is why we launched the Business Experience, to help you decide whether self-employment is the correct route for you.

It is a 6-day programme spread over 2 months, covering the key parts of how to set up and sustain a profitable business. This includes marketing, cash flow and budgeting. We run this in partnership with X Forces. The Business Experience also comes with ongoing support as you venture into your new life in self-employment and access to apply for grant funding.

Coaching helps you inspire others and develop their learning and performance to enable them to be the best that they can be. If you are a current, or future team leader, the Coaching Experience will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to be an effective coach.

The aim is four-fold:

  • Give you greater self-awareness
  • Give you the toolkit to manage in a coaching style
  • Provide you with tools to support your partner who is going through change
  • Give you an ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching

Our Heritage Heroes Experience gives you the opportunity to re-build your life, gain qualifications and learn new skills by transforming and restoring historic canals.

Together with the Canal & River Trust, we are delivering an ambitious canal restoration and career recovery programme for wounded, injured or sick servicemen, women and veterans. The project can equip you with City and Guilds qualifications in construction, health and safety, horticulture and land-based management which can be used to help you identify a new, purposeful career.



Career Advisors

Our Career Advisors are based at our Recovery Centres in Tidworth, Colchester and Catterick and are there to support you in identifying and achieving your new role, whatever it may be.

As with all elements of H4H Career Recovery, support given by our Career Advisors is entirely personalised and you meet with your advisor on a one-to-one basis.

Help for Heroes

Leave us your details and we'll be in touch!

If you need support with identifying a new future outside of the Armed Forces, we're here to help. Simply fill out the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help deal with your request. Help for Heroes is here for you.

How do I contact Help for Heroes Career Recovery?

You can contact the team weekdays 0900 - 1700:

  • Tel: 01980 844258

You can change someone's life today

Big or small, every donation makes a difference to our wounded Servicemen and women and their loved ones.


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