Career Recovery

Leaving the military does not mean the end of your working potential, but finding a new purpose can be daunting. Our team can help.
Career Recovery
Career Support
Help for Heroes Career Recovery is here to help you identify a new future outside of the Armed Forces.
Pathfinder Experience
The Pathfinder Experience course helps you understand employment and lifestyle options and develop plans for the future.
Business Experience
The Business Experience course helps you to understand self-employment and get your own business ready for launch.
Coaching Experience
The Coaching Experience course helps you develop self-awareness and learn to support others going through change.
Transferable Skills
You have lots of skills from your military career that will help you get a job on civvy street. Find out what they are.
Interview tips and techniques
We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you ace your interviews.
Recovery Programme
We offer a range of free courses and activities to support your recovery. From adventurous training to CV workshops with Barclays.
Tommy's Story
Read more about how Tommy Lowther was helped with his new career.
Career Advisors
Career Advisors provide you with guidance as part of your Career Recovery journey. We advise on job applications and interviews.