While it takes strength to serve in the Armed Forces, it takes a different kind of strength to live life beyond injury.

It could be the strength to learn to walk again, or to ask for help after 15 years of suffering in silence.

Together, we can help our wounded veterans overcome their daily battles and thrive.

Veterans like Derek.


Standing on the front line on his second tour of Afghanistan, Derek thought he knew what strength was.

But when an Improvised Explosive Device ripped his world apart, he had to find a different kind of strength: the strength to learn to stand all over again.

Watch as Derek and his wife, Ana, talk about their lives beyond injury.

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"I was pronounced dead in Afghanistan on an operating table, and 5 years later was selected to represent my country at the Paralympic games."

14 years ago Derek's vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Afghanistan changing his life forever. One month later Derek stood on his bare stumps for the first time and knew at that point that he would walk again. Introducing Derek to sport as part of his rehabilitation, Help for Heroes opened up new opportunities to him and his wife Ana. 

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What's it like

Have you ever considered the daily challenges of living life with prosthetics? Meet double amputee, Derek . . .


“I received the knock on the door and heard the last thing any military wife wants to hear - that Derek had been severely injured and lost both his legs.”

One day in 2007, Ana received a knock on the door. Her husband, Derek, had lost both of his legs when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Beside his bed when he awoke from a nine-day coma, Ana had to take picture to show him the extent of his injuries. In an instant, their lives changed forever, but the pair have faced 14 years together, since the injury, to overcome all odds.

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Mark, Chief Advocacy Ambassador at Help for Heroes, first met Derek in late 2007. Derek had just lost both of his legs whilst serving in Afghanistan.

The needs of the veterans Help for Heroes supports will continue to change over time, particularly as their bodies age and their conditions deteriorate. That's why the services of the charity are being adapted to ensure wounded veterans can find the strength they need to live life beyond injury in the years to come.

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