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Gender Pay Balance

The passion and capability of everyone in Help for Heroes is what we count on to make the real difference.

We are a small organisation spread across the country, and we are proud to attract talented people from all walks of life into an environment that inspires and enables personal growth and development, with a morally-responsible approach to pay and reward.

Since bursting into the charity sector in 2007, we have always fostered a culture that promotes diversity and women in the workplace, and strongly believe that a truly equal environment leads to greater fulfilment for our staff, supporters and our beneficiaries. 

Gender Pay Gap Report 2020



Help for Heroes Gender Pay Gap Report 2019



Help for Heroes Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Since we reported in 2017 we've seen a slight change in the population of Help for Heroes.  The gender balance in our quartiles has shifted slightly, and the calculated pay gap is 16.8% (median).  We're happy this continues to be lower than many organisations, and are also very comfortable with how we can use this to better understand our people.

Help for Heroes Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Our records show that in 2017, the gender pay gap at Help for Heroes was 14.45%. While this is far lower than many other organisations, we do not believe it is good enough and are intent on improving it and closing the gap.