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A four-year-old Worcester boy, who had never previously had a haircut, has raised more than £1,000 for us by having his flowing locks cut off.

And our charity is not the only one to benefit from the altruism of young Oliver Robinson, who had his mane chopped off with a complimentary cut at Inspiration Hair & Beauty, in College Street, Worcester.

The Herefordshire-based Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer, will receive his hair, while we receive the money Oliver raises through his Just Giving page, after the youngster was inspired by his Uncle Skip, an Army Major, who died two years ago.

Oliver considers his new look with Hero Bear (courtesy Shaun Ro
Oliver considers his new look with Hero Bear (courtesy Shaun Robinson)

Oliver’s dad, Shaun Robinson, said: “Recently he started mentioning he wanted to get his hair cut, for the first time. We’d always said he could tell us when he wants it cut.

“We suggested to him it would be nice to do something for charity and explained that his hair would be of great use to the Little Princess Trust. He was very keen to do that and then we wanted to do something additional for a charity by raising some money.

“Because his uncle, sadly, passed away two years ago we thought it would be only right to raise money for Help for Heroes, as it does such a great job supporting veterans. And Oliver was very excited and right behind raising money for Uncle Skip.”

Snip Family Robinson - mum and dad join the celebration (courte
Snip Family Robinson - mum and dad join the celebration (courtesy Ian Baldry)

Seeing their son with short hair was, initially, still something of a surprise for Shaun and Oliver’s mum, Caroline Robinson.

Shaun added: “We've got used to his hair being long, that’s Oliver. When it was cut off it was a bit of a shock. Both his mum and I took part in the cutting of his hair, and, even though it was emotional seeing it go, we were so proud of him and overwhelmed by the fact he wasn't fazed one bit. He was living in the moment, really enjoying it.

“He loves his new hairstyle and keeps running his hands through it. He was looking forward to going to school for the first time with his new hair and was going to pretend to his classmates and teachers that he was a new kid. And a lot of his friends didn't recognise him on his first day back.

“We're very proud of him and find it heart-warming that our son has done such an amazing thing for two really worthwhile charities.”

Oliver reacts to his new hairstyle (courtesy Shaun Robinson)
Oliver reacts to his new hairstyle (courtesy Shaun Robinson)

Our Area Fundraising Manager, Dean Williams, said: “Oliver’s our own little hero! What a kind gesture from the young man. We can’t thank him enough and, I’m sure, the Little Princess Trust feels exactly the same.

“How heartening it is to see a youngster thinking of those less fortunate than themselves. I just hope his head isn’t getting too cold now.”

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