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The Help for Heroes Quick Reaction Fund (QRF)  is our way of getting swift financial support to those with life-changing injuries, life-changing illnesses and their families. The QRF can essentially be used for anything that alleviates the distress caused by injury or illness.

The QRF is delivered directly by us, or administered for us through the Services' own charities and aims to provide support within 72 hours in urgent cases.

In March 2014, the QRF granted a total of £72,296 helping 64 individuals. Below are some examples of individuals who benefitted from our Quick Reaction Fund during this period:

Charlie was serving with the British Armed Forces when he suffered a head and brain injury in 2006.  Medically discharged a year later, Charlie’s long journey of recovery continues as he comes to terms with his brain trauma and PTSD.  Charlie undertakes regular visits to one of the four Help for Heroes Recovery Centres where he and his family benefit from the support provided which includes; face to face support, social interaction with other Veterans, respite care, social activities and much more!  In March Charlie took part in one of the Pathfinder Experience courses delivered at our Recovery Centres which represent a progressive and individually tailored three phase programme and acts as a compass to help individuals to determine their future pathway.  Living some considerable distance from his nearest Recovery Centre, Help for Heroes have supported Charlie with a grant of £321.50 to cover his transport costs to enable him to access this essential and specialist support.

Elaine’s husband served in the Armed Forces for 15 years before he was sadly killed in action, leaving her widowed with a young son.  Help for Heroes recently provided a grant of £1000 towards a holiday for Elaine and her son, enabling them to have a valuable respite break together as a family as they continue to come to terms with their loss.

Harold served in the British Army for just under four years which included a tour to the Falklands.  During his time in the Falklands, Harold was injured in a bomb blast which left him with physical injuries and poor mental health requiring a long-term management strategy.  The injuries Harold experienced have required a number of adaptations to be made to his house and garden.  Help for Heroes recently provided a grant of £500 to support a bathroom adaptation to ensure that Harold can easily access shower facilities.  This grant ensures that Harold is able to maintain a healthy quality of life, safely.

Sharon served with the RAF for almost seven years before being medically discharged.  During her time in service Sharon suffered physical injuries and has since developed PTSD as a result of her time on tour in the Middle East.  Help for Heroes recently provided a grant of £405.92 to support the purchase of a specialist bike which would support Sharon’s ongoing recovery.  Use of the bike on a regular basis will enable Sharon to build her physical fitness, manage her physical injuries, and support her mental well-being.