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Former Army Captain, Dave Henson, is part of a ground-breaking study helping us understand the long-term needs of injured veterans and service personnel. Here he explains why the ADVANCE Study, which you’ve helped us fund, is important for future generations. 

In the decade since he lost both his legs while serving in Afghanistan, Dave Henson has achieved an incredible amount. With your encouragement and his determination, Dave’s represented his country at the Paralympics and Invictus Games. He’s also achieved his PhD in mechanical engineering and is now involved in the development of prosthetics and amputation related research.

Dave’s also taking part in the ADVANCE Study, a 20-year long research project monitoring the long-term health and welfare of those who’ve been wounded on the battlefield.

Expert clinicians measure and compare a wide range of criteria in veterans and serving personnel – everything from their bone density to lung capacity and cholesterol levels – to work out what wider impact injury has on their overall and long-term health.

“It’s an opportunity to make sure I come out of this with the best long-term health outcome, but I also hope that taking part might directly benefit someone I’ve come through rehabilitation with,” explains Dave.

“What people don’t understand is that the physical injuries we see from the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have a long-term implication too.”

Dave’s future is bright but he knows he will have medical needs for the rest of his life. “You may well be able to fix an amputee to a certain degree with prosthetics but use of those has a health impact on the body – things like knee replacements and hip replacements at a much earlier age than you would
see in the general population.”

It’s only because of committed, loyal and amazing friends like you that we’re able to support heroes like Dave and fund studies like ADVANCE.

Thank you for making a difference to the lives of our wounded – now and for years to come.

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Working with veterans like Dave and studies like ADVANCE gives us the expertise we need to plan our future support services. But it’s amazing friends like you who give us the confidence to put those plans into action.

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