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“Don’t panic! We’re collecting for Help for Heroes.” A touring play recreating episodes of the ever-popular BBC TV series, Dad's Army, is set to net the charity some valuable £'s.

The play comprises a re-creation of three of the most popular episodes of the Jimmy Perry and David Croft creation and is in the middle of a three-month tour of duty that began in Yeovil, in July, and will finish with a five-night run at the Merlin Theatre, in Frome, at the end of October (26-30).

Inbetween, Corporal Jones’ van will pull up at the Princess Theatre, Burnham-on-Sea (28 September to 2 October), and the Neeld Community and Arts Centre, Chippenham (14-17 October).

It is the third year of Project Play – a community-based project offering theatre enthusiasts an opportunity to be involved in a popular play in their local theatre – and is a second trip back to WWII for the amateur cast, which previously performed a version of 'Allo, 'Allo, which followed in the ecclesiastical footsteps of the modern-day Vicar of Dibley.

A conference in the Church Hall office
A conference in the Church Hall office - Project Play

And each performance of mayhem in Walmington-on-Sea has seen a bucket collection for the Armed Forces charity, which raised more than £750 in Wimborne alone.

The project’s producer, Matthew Rock, explained: “Project Pay brings communities together through a shared passion for theatre. Essentially it is a touring play with a different cast at each venue, comprising people from that particular locality.

“They have rehearsed together, formed friendships and connections, and been part of an amazing theatrical experience. In addition, there are four other people in towns across the south-west who are playing exactly the same role as them and having the same experience in their own community. It offers a unique experience to compare notes and go on a shared journey: from the Marigold Tea Rooms to the Novelty Rock Emporium …”

"Do you really think that's wise, sir?"
"Do you really think that's wise, sir?" - Project Play

Our Area Fundraising Manager, John Carpenter, said: “Thanks to Project Play’s generosity in allowing us to have volunteers collecting at the shows, I won’t be claiming ‘We’re doomed!’ anytime soon.

“It’s wonderful that a TV show that’s half-a-century old can have such resonance with a modern audience and that’s reflected in the money raised already. And if you’re thinking of attending a future performance to donate to Help for Heroes there’s no need to ask: ‘Do you think that’s wise, sir?’, as it certainly won’t make you a stupid boy.

“What’s more, it’s just as funny now as the first time we watched it on telly, and the Project Play cast has done a great job in recreating all our favourite characters.”

For details on how to book tickets for upcoming performances of Project Play’s Dad's Army, visit facebook.com/projplay.