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Stories of Strength

Read the powerful stories of our veterans of how they have found a different kind of strength to live life beyond injury.

From the strength needed to learn to walk again, to the strength to ask for help after suffering in silence for 15 years.

Together, we will give strength to those who gave for us.


Bruce lost both legs below the knee following injury, yet his extraordinary ordeal has given him, in his own words, a “new lease of life”.


Clare threw herself into her work, but a harrowing experience triggered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Find out how she got "the old Clare" back.


Derek was serving in Afghanistan when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. He awoke nine days later as a double amputee, his life changed forever.


Michelle's dream job turned into a nightmare when horrors from the battlefield led to PTSD. Find out how she found the resilience to battle back.


Mark lost the use of his right arm after his vehicle hit an IED in Afghanistan. Angry and frustrated, he used sport to rebuild his strength.


Spencer's 30 year military career came to an end when he was medically discharged due to MS. Find out how he found the strength to face his daily challenges.


Paul served in Northern Ireland during the troubles and his time in service left him with severe PTSD. On the verge of his family falling apart, he speaks about how he found the strength to ask for help.


David in his wheelchair sat outside looking at the camera

David was serving as an Army Medic when bad weather impacted a rescue mission and left David with damage to his spine. Read how David found the strength to adapt to life as a wheelchair user.


Clare was a Propulsion Technician in the RAF when she was diagnosed with a serious eye condition and will be completely blind in 5-10 years, read Clare's inspiring story.


Julian was a fit and highly trained infantry soldier, but when he suffered serious spinal injuries while serving, his physical and mental health deteriorated. From rock bottom to the Invictus Games. Read Jules' story.

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