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Victoria Ross

Categories: Invictus Games 2020 Athletes

A Class 2 Warrant Officer in the British Army, Victoria Ross is determined on her Invictus journey, to rediscover the person she once was.

“If you asked the people in my life who I am they might say Wife, Mummy, Friend, or even Soldier. If you ask me who I am, I would say I’m physically, mentally and emotionally lost and lonely. I once was a high-level athlete in several sports, an outstanding soldier, the best Mum/Wife in the world, confident, outgoing, unstoppable and determined to succeed, to be the best at all I did.”

The 43-year-old Warrant Officer from Wiltshire competed in the 2019 Invictus UK Trials in Sheffield where she was part of the Gold medal winning team in Wheelchair Basketball. Victoria credits the Trials as her “first stepping-stone on the journey of a long road”.

“This journey will give me focus, a sense of purpose; make me believe I can accomplish anything as I did before. That focus will bring physical benefits allowing me to explore my potential within this unfamiliar environment. Ultimately, I want to find my new identity, find my own self-worth, in turn helping those around me do the same, sharing the journey together. I want to be the one that defines me. I need my inner smile back and to kick start the new me.”

“Attending the pre-build up to the original Invictus Games 2020 gave me the confidence to reach out for help. After several assessments I was diagnosed with PTSD and BDD and subsequently received a lengthy period of treatment. That brings me to today where my journey starts all over again, understanding my mental health and trying to use the tools I have been given to improve how I live day to day.

“The last two years have been a real mixed bag for me. Lockdown 1 brought challenges from home-schooling, working from home, running a house, making sure the kids weren’t impacted too much and actually having a husband at home! But it also had great benefits of spending time as a family, it’s the first time I have ever lived with my husband, as we have always been posted separately and having the kids at home from boarding school was the icing on the cake.”

At the start of the pandemic Victoria took advantage of every online opportunity available to train and even found a new passion for cycling and became a Lycra clad warrior. As the months ticked by motivation became harder to come by and the pressure to cope with everything in a home environment became strained. That’s where she relied upon a mutually supportive small group of team mates to get through the days.