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Vicky Parrett

Categories: Invictus Games 2016 Athletes

Three operations on a left ankle injury left former Private Vicky suffering from nerve and soft tissue damage. She has to wear a carbon fibre brace on her ankle and walks using a stick, sometimes even having to use a wheelchair. This has had a knock-on effect on her mental wellbeing. Due to her Army career, she is also being treated for PTSD. She believes participating in the Invictus Games will empower her to do things she never thought were possible.

The Help for Heroes training camps she has attended have given her the sense of team spirit she longed for since being medically discharged from the Army. “The Games will prove to me that I am still able to do things I did before my injury and show me there are no boundaries; boundaries that I have created in my head. The Games will destroy those barriers, enabling me to participate in more activities which will in turn, provide me with a more active and independent lifestyle.”

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