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Stuart Padley

Categories: Invictus Games 2020 Athletes

Royal Navy veteran Stuart Padley suffered a stroke in 2018, which has left him with mobility problems and language impairment.

The former aircraft handler has always been passionate about playing sport – golf his first love followed closely by football. However, since his illness and competing at the Invictus UK Trials, Stuart has formed new interests in indoor rowing and archery.

“I had an amazing experience at the Invictus UK Trials, it enabled me to try new sports and allowed me to test all of the exercises I have learnt during my recovery, showing my family and those that helped me what I can achieve. 

“Taking part in the Invictus Games The Hague will enable me to move forward with my recovery and be part of a team with similar challenges. I have found that focusing on sports has helped immensely with my mental well-being and fitness. It has made me more determined than ever to carry on with the Invictus journey.

“The first lockdown in 2020 was very tough. I struggled to keep motivated as couldn’t get to the gym, meet up with a personal trainer, go to archery group or even get on the golf course. The past six months or so has seen a great improvement in my physical and mental health. I’m back at the gym around three times per week, working with a personal trainer regularly and our archery group has finally been allowed to start back up again. My golf has improved a great deal! In the space of a year my handicap has reduced from 38 to 25."