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Sean Wiseman

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Serving in the British Army, Sean Wiseman joined up just before he turned 18. But weeks after his 2 Scots battalions arrived in Helmand, in 2010 he was blown up on foot patrol by an IED. Doctors gave him the agonising choice of losing his right leg or years of work to rebuild both limbs — and he picked amputation.

The Royal Highland Fusilier refused a medical discharge — and after a gruelling fightback says he is determined to continue not only his career but also taking part actively in competitive sport:
” I intend to keep on doing sports as I am still serving and trying to compete with members in the battalion on patrol. I also like to keep up rowing and hopefully become better at it so that one day I can compete with able-bodied people and prove a point to myself and other injured personal that we are more than just injured and we are just as capable.”

Representing Team UK at the forthcoming Invictus Games The Hague 2020 would be a significant step in the 27 year-olds, already remarkable recovery journey:” The benefits that it would have is to help me manage my PTSD more in focusing on sports and helping me cope with it better. To give me more confidence in attempting/doing more sports even after being injured and believing in myself more.”


Sean Wiseman Invictus 2020

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