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Sean Wilson

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In October 2008, LCpl Sean Wilson was knocked unconscious in a traffic accident. During the resulting stay in hospital, doctors discovered that Sean had an inoperable brain tumour and estimated that he had only years to live.

Unable to accept this news, Sean decided to find a surgeon who would be willing to try and operate. In November 2010, Professor Phillip Kane successfully removed the tumour.

However Sean had a long road to recovery, one which H4H has endeavoured to support. Following the surgery, Sean has struggled to concentrate on almost anything other than gardening, which he has used a form of therapy. This soon became a passion and Sean impressively now holds four diplomas in gardening maintenance, horticulture, landscaping and garden design and he has set up his own gardening business.

During a recent stay at the H4H Recovery Centre, Phoenix House in Catterick, Sean took part in a gardening project to create a garden at Thorp Perrow Arboretum. This will be used by schools for educational visits.

A member of the H4H Band of Brothers, Sean says: “The BoB gives you the chance to communicate and get guidance in a positive way. The direct personal contact is good. H4H has a personal feel. The wounded need to be looked after but so do guys like me – that’s where H4H helps.”

Phoenix House has, Sean says, helped to rebuild his confidence and help make the transition from army to civilian life. Sean praises H4H and the Recovery Centres for understanding his needs and for “getting the public on the soldier’s side.”

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