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Private Rachel Kipling | ACHIEVE

Categories: Arch To Arc

My illness was with mental health, I have always been sporty and active and it is most certainly a way of releasing emotion for me. Through my illness I became weak and malnourished and very very low, not being strong enough to train was added upset for me. This challenge gave me something to strive for, to aim for, it meant so much more than just doing it for me. I am committed to this not just for myself but for our team and everyone in the future that might need the support I have had.  My hobbies are cycling, running and keeping a healthy mind. Of all the exercising I do now, exercising my mind positively is definitely the one I do the most! So I keep a healthy mind, body and soul.

My biggest motivation for doing arch to arc is to complete something that pushed my boundaries and to do my part in giving back to a charity that has helped me personally so much this year. My journey took me to the Phoenix house where my mind was inspired by the people I met. I have realised there are different levels of illness that can hold us back from our dreams and achievements, we can be held back by Physical or mental health issues, or suffer from both. Either way, they can impair a person from completing even the smallest of daily tasks, being together as a team of mixed illness and seeing the improvements and changes is truly inspiring. It is infectious in such a powerful motivating way! The energy from the support team and the trainers is up lifting. I feel privileged to be a part of such an amazing event, amazing team and to me it means so much more than something physical, it is a show of heart and true spirit.

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