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Peter Dunning

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Pete was serving with the Royal Marines Armoured Support Company on OP HERRICK 8, supporting 2 Para. On the 25th May 2008 he had just finished his last mission and was returning to Camp Bastion. Just as he was about to cross the Helmand River the armoured vehicle he was travelling in struck an IED.

The driver died instantly and Pete lost both of his legs, fractured his spine and received burns to his arms and legs, among other injuries. After being injured in Afghan, the 33-year-old took up skiing and was on the British disabled ski team. Sadly, after enduring two injuries on his left shoulder Peter had to retire. “Being part of the Invictus games would really help me to gain a sense of purpose again.

After the Games last year, I felt like I was starting to get myself back to where I wanted to be, but my divorce took a toll on me and really knocked my confidence. That is something that I believe being a part of the UK Invictus games team would really help me with, enhancing my confidence and would also allow me to feel good about myself again.

It would also give me a sense of achievement, knowing that I have performed to a high enough standard to, firstly, be selected for the Invictus Games team, and then to represent my country in something which I love.” Pete also wants to be a positive role model for his children. “I love showing them that just because Daddy has no legs, it doesn’t mean that he can't excel things. This would be the perfect opportunity to show them how I can still achieve what I've set my mind to.”

Peter Dunning Invictus 2020

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