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Paul Gray

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Prior to being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Paul was extremely active and competitive, in both rugby and Ju-Jitsu. After his diagnosis, he couldn’t carry on those sports as they caused him too much pain. Invictus has opened him up to sports which he can compete in not only pain-free but that aid his recovery. Since being discharged from the Royal Marines, the former Lieutenant Corporal has struggled with his confidence and self-esteem.

But now he has the motivation to play new sports, meet new people and regain his social life. He said: “Being a part of a team where you’re not judged but understood will be a real benefit to my recovery. It will help me to feel comfortable talking about how I feel and it will show me what I am capable of.” Paul cannot wait to represent his country and wear the Union Flag again. He added: “It will be a huge honour and will make me feel extremely proud. The main benefit of being selected will be showing that, despite my condition, I can still achieve great things and make my family proud.”


Paul Gray Invictus 2020

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