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Olivia & Harry

Categories: Facing It Together

In an incredibly moving video, Harry Jones and Olivia Cox share their powerful stories of how reaching out helped them move on from the very difficult times in their lives.

When Olivia heard her boyfriend had been killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan, it sent her into a downward spiral that only started to lift when she decided to compete in the London Marathon to raise money for Help for Heroes.

She tells Harry she found it hard to talk about her feelings, but running became her therapy and having a goal helped her to move onwards.

Harry, who was medically discharged from the Army at just 17, knows just how she feels, having struggled to ask for help when the panic attacks he was suffering threatened to take over his life.

He eventually found the courage to pick up the phone to Help for Heroes, and the Hidden Wounds programme helped him understand what he was going through and gave him the tools he needed to turn things around.

Harry and Olivia agree mental illness is one of the hardest things to deal with as it is invisible, but they have both found that help is on hand if you reach out to ask for it.

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