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Mike Lee

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When Mike Lee retired from the military, he was determined to give something back to the Armed Forces community. Passionate about making a difference to the lives of wounded veterans and their families, he began his role with us four and a half years ago.

“I served for 30 years in the Infantry from the age of 16, and then worked for several vocational training providers to the military before being tempted overseas by an old army colleague. I ended up working in Kabul for just under four years before wanting a change. Seeking work in the third sector for a charity that helps veterans, I thought ‘who better than Help for Heroes’?”

Mike develops courses for our Recovery College - the first of its kind for wounded veterans and their families.

Speaking about the challenges he and the team faced to launch the college during the pandemic, Mike said: “It has been really challenging working remotely, trying to coordinate our efforts to focus on what we can offer. We have had to be flexible and creative and adapt quickly to develop and deliver recovery support in the best possible way under current lockdown restrictions.”

Although the Recovery College cannot yet be delivered to its’ full potential, Mike is confident that even in a virtual setting, the courses are hugely beneficial to those we support.

“In the same way that all of us will need to adjust to a new normal, our veterans will have the added complexity of continuing to deal with their physical and mental conditions under these difficult circumstances. That’s where the Recovery College can be a huge benefit.

“The Recovery College is all about providing hope, control and opportunity over your future. The team and I are so excited to see the difference it will make to the lives of our veterans and their families.”



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