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Matt's Story

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Matthew Lum enlisted with the Army on 4 June 1997 and served in the Corp of Royal Engineers, after almost 8 years of service he left the Army on 5 April 2005.

In February 2000, Matt deployed on a Battle group Exercise in Poland during which temperatures were as low as minus 22 and they were only wearing standard issue kit as this was not an operational tour. Matt returned from the exercise and resumed normal duties and PT, unaware that he was making his injury, which he didn’t know about, much worse. Later in the year Matt’s injury became more apparent and he was sent to the Institute of Naval Medicine in Gosport for testing, where he was told he had a severe Non Freezing Cold Injury for which there was no medical cure, it could just be monitored and managed.

In September 2009 Matt started to experience problems with his feet which became more and more painful, by mid-October he could hardly walk, Matt was then given a cocktail of nerve drugs to control his pain. The pain was under control but, a side effect of the drugs meant that Matt gradually became more and more depressed and had very little interest in life at all.

This is when Matt contacted Help for Heroes, having recently learnt of an old Army friend taking his own life he was interested in helping in some way, and was advised to contact the Band of Brothers network. After contacting the Band of Brothers he was put in touch with the Support Hub at Tedworth House, shortly after his arrival at Tedworth House for his first visit.

“I remember arriving at the House and being quite nervous but from the moment I walked into reception I started to relax and feel at ease.  I always enjoy my time at Tedworth House and make the most of everything that’s on offer there, I am always greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome by everyone.

“I have received a great deal of support from the Band of Brothers network, the Support Hub, Tedworth House and H4H on many occasions. They have helped me with such things as my general wellbeing, finances and training opportunities, all of which would not be possible without Help for Heroes. 

“When I was given the opportunity to take part in the Hero Ride I knew I had to do it, it means a great deal to me as I will be able to give something back to this amazing charity without which I honestly don’t know where I would be today.  On a personal level it has also given me something to focus on and all the training is really helping to improve my general wellbeing. I am looking forward to meeting and riding with many different people, making some new friends and hopefully helping out in any way I can.”

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