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Lisa Johnston

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After suffering an injury to her left leg, which led to an amputation above the knee, former Army Corporal Lisa Johnston, 37 from Doncaster, fell into a deep depression.

Being wheelchair-bound and in-active meant she put on lots of weight. She felt she had no real purpose and lost her feeling of self-worth. Watching her three children playing and running around, they constantly asked her to join in. Feeling that her children were missing out by not having a "normal" mum to play with and chase after, Lisa decided that enough was enough.

Even knowing that she would be stared at with having a prosthesis, she still plucked up the courage and joined her local gym. Her first class was an elderly aerobics class. She really enjoyed it and started to try other classes that were more intense. Week by week, the anxiety she endured with strangers staring at her gradually left. In its place, confidence grew and grew. Most people who go to the gym know her and she has made many new friends. Her eldest son even said that his “pre-injury” Mum was finally returning. Lisa said: “Sport and daily exercise has not only given me my confidence back but my life back too.

I feel less anxious in public when people stare at me, I am fulfilling my role as an active parent - not a spectator anymore and actually enjoying life, even as an amputee. All my boys love their new “active” Mummy and talk about how cool my ‘robot leg‘ is. The next huge step in my recovery journey is taking part in the Invictus Games  2020, participating in sports I thought I'd never been able to do.

Lisa Johnston Invictus Games 2020

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