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A former Private in the Royal Welsh Regiment, Lewis, 27, lost his right arm above the elbow in a road traffic accident. Just days away from his first tour of Iraq he was travelling to Tidworth along the M4 at night, with three Royal Welsh colleagues, when he slammed on his brakes after something appeared in the headlights. The car hit the central reservation and flipped over onto its roof: “All the adrenalin was kicking in. I wasn’t panicking - I was just thinking, ‘Could it be fixed?’ As I was looking at it I was thinking, ‘Is this me losing an arm or are they going to be able to put some plastic elbow in?’ I knew the elbow had gone - I could see that by looking at it.”

Since his injury Lewis has found a passion and talent for swimming, winning four gold medals at the Invictus Games last year. He has also started training in Paratriathlon as part of the development team for British Triathlon. Help for Heroes has supported Lewis on his recovery, including helping to fund a road bike.

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