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Kerys Knight

Categories: Invictus Games 2017 Athletes

Kerys served in the Army and was discharged in 1991. She has nerve damage in her lower left leg and has to use crutches to help her walk, which has resulted in spinal and neck issues. Kerys has been selected in archery and powerlifting, and sees the Invictus Games as a way for her to progress in life. “I was devastated when my Army career was cut short due to injury during training. Since I was forced to give up my dream, I have always returned to the despair of never having fulfilled my passion to serve my country. Being a part of Invictus 2017 will give me a real purpose, which will help my self-esteem and self-worth, thereby improving my mental health; specifically my anxiety and depression. Representing my country is a goal I can focus and build on to pull forward other aspects of my life.”

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