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Kelly Layden-Farrer

Categories: Invictus Games 2016 Athletes

The last three years have been the worst of Kelly’s life. PTSD had crippled her to a point that even getting out of bed had terrified her.  Kelly was unable to function daily but spent time at Tedworth House Recovery Centre and met people who competed in the 2014 Invictus Games. Meeting them gave Kelly the confidence to try sitting volleyball which she loved. To her, it was something she could actually do. Leaving the Army left Kelly feeling worthless, but once she started to take part in regular training with other like-minded people, it gave her a reason to train, to leave the house and interact with people who are overcoming adversities like her own.

Kelly has already lost 2.5 stone and she’s getting fitter. Kelly feels like part of a team again. Although she knows she’s not fixed now, she has something to aim for.

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